Grandma Likes Chick Flicks, Too!

I think sometimes we forget that our Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmothers were once chicks too. We forget that they probably dragged our Fathers, Uncles, and Grandfathers to movies they had no desire or intention to see. So, in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I’m remembering Grandma and suggesting you go out and watch one of her chick flicks. The movie I’m recommending to see this weekend (if you haven’t seen it yet) is “Casablanca” (1942). It’s a timeless love story, and there is some action, but in the end it’s a tearjerker. Most people won’t claim it’s actually a “chick flick” but it is. It’s also appropriate for Memorial Day because of its WWII themes and setting. It’s the type of “chick flick” that Grandpa would leave, saying “That was actually pretty damn good. Now where are my cigarettes and brandy?”

“Casablanca” was nominated for eight Academy Awards in 1944 and ending up taking three home (one for Best Picture). Now, a lot of you will go off, maybe take my suggestion, and end up watching “Casablanca”. Then you’ll turn around and attack me for the recommendation arguing it’s not a “click flick”. It is. While Humphrey Bogart shares the lead in this film I feel the real story is IIsa’s played by Ingrid Bergman. She is the one who has to make sacrifices for the different men in her life. And, it is truly heartbreaking. Good flick.

Now, if you’re the type of person who claims “black and white” films make you “sleepy” (like I was unbelievably once told by a fellow student in film school) then check out, “Steel Magnolias”. This was recommended as a possible “ultimate” chick flick. I’ve never seen it. But, it looks like it has a bunch of old ladies in it. So, that still goes along with the Grandma’s chick flicks theme I’m going with. However, I can’t see how it would have any military themes. Maybe it does.

Or, just watch whatever you want.



  1. I'm glad that you made the reference "most of you will say that it is not a chick flick" a couple of times, because when I saw the poster I almost lost it. It does have certain elements that qualify it as a chick flick, but I would have to say that it is simply an amazing film, complete with humor, action, drama, and romance. I mean we're talking about Bogey, the ultimate man's man, in his ultimate role. I would recommend this film to men, women, transgenders, and aliens. Its that good. I liked the cigarettes and brandy comment, but chances are they were already smoking in the theater. We need to talk about chick flick qualifiers ASAP

  2. T Dub,

    Very insightful comments...and I agree...perhaps I should have chosen something slighty more "chickish" like "The Phillelphia Story" or almost anything Cary Grant...Chick Flicks are getting to my head and I'm starting to attribute "chick flick" to everything including types of food, cell phones, and television shows.