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Hello, my name is Pilar and I'm a Yorkie. I enjoy watching chick flicks, although I do not like drinking beer. It's disgusting!  This is my column. Ask me anything you want.  But beware, I bark the truth! You can email Pilar and ask her questions at chickflixandbeer@gmail.com.

Week of July 4, 2016

Dear Pilar,

My wife wants to watch fireworks, but I'm not really into it.  I told her to go by herself because, like I said, I don't really like fireworks.  I think she's mad but I can't tell.  What should I do?

Sam, Mobile, AL

Oh Sam,

You have to be about dumbest person who has ever written to this column.  First, you're question doesn't even hint at anything about chick flicks which is what this blog is about.  Second, you think she's mad?  She should be.  You sound like a selfish b-hole who is only out for one thing, to save your  own b-hole.  You should want to go enjoy quality time with your wife instead of staying at home watching another rerun of The Jeffersons with your hand down your pants.  So, my advice to you would be to ask questions to correct forum, in your case it would be Idiots R Us, and stop being such a b-hole.  You're an idiot.  Happy 4th!

I love myself,


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  1. Ha Ha Pilar, you get a treat for that one.