Pilar Barks!

Hello, my name is Pilar and I'm a Yorkie. I enjoy watching chick flicks, although I do not like drinking beer. It's disgusting! This is my column. Ask me anything you want. But beware, I bark the truth! You can email Pilar and ask her questions at chickflixandbeer@gmail.com.

Dear Pilar,

Why does the devil wear Prada?

Jason, New York, NY

Dear Jason,

Why does the devil wear Prada?  Hmmm.  Should I even answer that question?  Don't you live in New York?  You should know this!  Prada is and will always be a popular brand!  But, I guess the bigger question is, "Why are you so interested in devil?"  Maybe you should go out and take a walk, because, honestly, you are feeling like you might be going a little dark to me.  I mean, I don't know you, and I really don't want to know you, but maybe you've always been a dark person.  My suggestion is, spend less time worrying about the devil and more time wearing Prada and I think you'll be alright.


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