Don't Forget Mother's Day and Furby Day 2009!

Just a reminder to everyone out there who's paying attention. Do not forget to send your Mommy a beautiful bouquet of roses and cards and chocolates with love. Or, the least you can do is give her a call and let her know that you care. Is that so hard to do? Just do it!

Also, because he is my first, and my only follower (as of right now) I have decided that Monday, May 11 while be forever known by me as Furby Day. So, do not forget to send Furby some roses and cards and chocolates. Or, the least you could do is send him a can of dip or six pack of sweaty, ice cold Budweiser. He would love that. If you don't know who Furby is well then you can't really send him any presents but if you do then celebrate away.

Everyone have a great weekend! Look back here on Monday for my new chick flick and beer review.


  1. I am not certain, but I think Furby Day is February 19th...?

  2. I am not certain, but I am pretty sure Furby Day is February 19th...??