A Home of Our Own (1993)

Directed by Tony Bill
Starring Kathy Bates, Edward Furlong, Clarissa Lassig, Sarah Schaub, Miles Feulner, Amy Sakasitz, TJ Lowt
her, and Soon-tek Oh

A Home of Our Own is the type of movie that you would stumble across on Lifetime. In fact, it might be on rotation on Lifetime. I wouldn’t know, but I have known a few females to watch it. In case, anyone is wondering, my fiancĂ© does not watch it. You would catch me watching Lifetime before you would find her sitting down to watch some down-on-her-luck female running from a stalker, or discovering her husband having an affair. Then again, I do run a blog about chick flicks, so maybe I should be watching Lifetime. Alright, I admit, I watch it! Leave me alone!

The movie follow Frances Lacey (Kathy Bates), a widowed mother of 5 or 6 children, who gets sick of the city life in Los Angeles and decides to move. Where are they moving exactly? She doesn’t know. She just has a picture of a new house, and a dream. It’s 1962, and the family suffers a long trip before stopping in Idaho. Frances sees the potential for the house of her dreams. She haggles and barters with the landowner, Mr. Moon, snags a job at a local bowling alley, and along with the help of her children, begins turning the “shack” into their new home.

For many, this movie might just be a tearjerker. It is loaded to the gills with sentimentality and emotional heartfelt moments. I’m not saying I cried. I didn’t. Who would want to cry about a bunch of poor kids who don’t even get presents from Santa Claus on Christmas? Not me! Who cares? I didn’t cry I tell you! Maybe my throat got a little dry, but I didn’t cry. Alright, I cried. Just kidding…no I didn’t. I’ll never tell! I’m taking it to my grave! 

At its core, this movie is all about family, and America, and community, and American family, and American communities with American families. It might actually be true. I couldn’t figure that out. I think it is actually just based on the truth, a little. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable movie for a rainy afternoon. Should dudes be watching this movie? Probably not. But, it would hurt those male chauvinistic pigs to watch a tearjerker every now and then! Enough said...Now, I think I am going to watch Die Hard.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 4 out of 10 (He probably won't like it, unless he wants to be inspired) 

Beer Pairing Recommendation 
(It's got a great name, it's from Idaho, and some might call Frances Lacey a biatch!)

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