Why Every Guy Likes Ryan Reynolds In a Strictly Hetero Man Crush Sort of Way

I recently attended a “manshower” for a friend, with a beautiful baby girl on the way, and discovered something very interesting. During dinner while discussing chick flicks and beer and babies and beer the subject of Ryan Reynolds came up. And guess, what? Not one guy out of about 15 had one bad thing to say about him. So, here are the top 10 reasons every guy likes Ryan Reynolds in a strictly hetero “man crush” sort of way;

10. He is into girls and pizza places.

9. He drives a Triumph motorcycle and motorcycles are cool.

8. Because he looks likes he's just “having a good time”.

7. He is Van Wilder.

8. Because we all saw how jacked he was in that Amityville Horror and Blade 3 and thought, “damn.” (in a strictly jealous totally hetero non boner inducing sort of way).

7. He used to be engaged to that Allegra Morrisette chick and she used date Uncle Joey from Full House so you do the math. Hint: The answer is John Stamos.

6. Read reason #3.

5. If my buddy Tyler met him in a bar he would actually take him to the base (and by "base" I mean have sex with him).

4. “I told you he’s just cool. I can’t explain it. Stop asking me to. I like chicks, OK.”

3. He married Scar Jo (that’s short for Scar Jo).

2. We couldn’t get that cut if we ate lettuce, meat, and steroids for ten years.

1. ___________________________________________*

*Fill in your own reason for having a man crush on Ryan Reynolds.

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