The Ugly Truth (2009)

Directed by Robert Luketic
Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler

“The Ugly Truth” is that I actually watched this movie about a month ago. At the time I was too lazy to sit down and write a review of it. While I watched it I drank an Abita Purple Haze and The Real Truth is that I love Abita Purple Haze. Whenever I drink an Abita Purple Haze and breath in its flowery aroma I can’t help but think about Super Mario Brothers 2 and Princess Toadstool. I have no idea why but I makes me happy. “The Ugly Truth” is that after a few sips I realized that there was some dark flakes floating around within my frosty mug. I questioned whether this is normal for Abita Purple Haze and whether or not this was affecting the overall flavor of the beer. After all, doesn’t Goldschlager have little bits of flakes in it? And, that’s never killed anyone (at least, not the gold). So, knowing that my friend Tyler would disapprove (he is never one to waste any beer) I poured it out and grabbed a Dos Equis Amber Lager, poured into another frosty mug, and Voila! flakes. I don’t blame Abita, it was probably past the freshness date.

Katherine Heigl plays a local new producer and Gerard Butler plays an outspoken if not flat-out rude cable access television show host of a show called (guess what) “The Ugly Truth”. The beginning is slightly ridiculous. She calls in to argue with him one night and the next day (guess what again) he just happens to be hired by her news station manager. And, (guess what for the third time) she is assigned to be his producer. It’s Manly Man versus Modern Women and it looks like we have the perfect setup for a chick flick. If I remember anything about “The Ugly Truth” it was that I wasn’t all that impressed with Katherine Heigl or Gerard Butler. She seems a bit loony and he has that almost annoying “British guy making a scruffy American accent” that all the actors from the UK (or Australia) try to put on (see Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, and Orlando Bloom). But...He sounds so manly with that scruffy voice.

“The Ugly Truth” is that the movie has a weak beginning and ending. But, the middle isn’t really that bad and some pretty funny parts. This movie won’t be bad for a date night and might lead to a little discussion about the opposite sex (male or female) and also, cats. Because don't all single lonely, women have a lot of cats? At least, that's what Gerard thinks.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 6 out of 10 (1 means he'll hate it, 10 means he'll like it)

Watch if you liked.... Grey’s Anatomy or P.S. I Love You

Chick Flick: 3 cartons of ice cream (out of 5)
DVD: 1 pieces of milky chocolate (out of 5)
Beer: 4 manly high fives (out of 5)- for the XX Amber Lager

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  1. Yes, I admit, we single ladies have cats. God, is it so wrong for a guy to actually like a fucking cat?! They are self sufficient, just like they "really want their women" and they aren't dumb...well, I'll admit, like guys want their women. I really enjoyed the middle of this movie but hated the predictable ending and beginning as well. There was some good advice in it but obviously, it backfired on the neurotic, control freak and she resulted in telling the "ugly truth" about herself. Guys expect us to accept them as they are and look past their poor grooming habits "down there" (if you know what I mean boys).... and their inability to look at themselves as not "perfect specimens". However, we women go through some brutal and I mean brutal shit to become the perfect, idealistic, bimbo-esque-with a brain, but not too much so he isn't threatened, selves!

    It is hard to just lay it out there for someone and be yourself!!!! I admit. I play the game and I play it well. But it is tiring. It is frustrating. And, it has left me 100% alone. Therefore, I am left wondering, what is better...The girl he wants me to be or the girl I am. Dark Beer drinker, skinny because of pilates which means yes, boys, I am flexible...look past the mouth that is telling you to fuck off and realize, it is all in good fun...embrace it, scotch drinker...etc...I could go on and on but until someone is ready to take on a challenge and not take the easy way out...I would rather be single.