Happy 4th of July!   Summer is in full swing. The heat is here and what better way to cool down than with a nice refreshing ice-cold beer. Breweries everywhere are distributing their summer seasonal ales. Blue Point is no exception.

Founded in 1998 Blue Point is Long Island’s only microbrewery. They have a nice selection of ales with Toasted Lager probably being their most popular. I’ve had the Toasted Lager before locally and thought I would give the Summer Ale a try. Blue Point describes it as “a refreshing Golden Ale brewed to be quaffed in the summer sun.”

 Pouring it from the bottle, it was a light and golden ale that formed a nice head.   The first taste revealed a smooth texture.  It was crisp, refreshing (as described), airy, and had a great full taste.  It was slightly malty with a citrus scent and the tasty is not overly fruity. 

This is the type of beer you could sit on a dock and enjoy on this wonderful 4th of July.  I would recommend this to anyone who drinks domestic beer but wants something a little richer, a little fuller, and a whole lot better.

You can learn more about Blue Point Brewery at  They recommend the following pairing for their summer ale:

Profile: Most popular style worldwide, brewed with a substantial portion of wheat & barley making a light, tart, refreshing, thirst-quenching Ale
Food Pairing: Complements lemongrass, ginger, garlic, cilantro and similar flavors; adds depth to light dishes such as spring rolls and salads.
Cheese Pairing: Morbier
Drinking Utensil: Pint Glass

                   Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   3 out 5 

 Always remember to drink responsibly!
Great beer to pair with; 
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