by Joshua Simpkins

Grayton beach is an eccentric, good times, artist community along 30a. Old cottages are nestled along timeworn Florida roads against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s easy to remember the past while in Grayton beach; the way Florida used to be before condominiums and developments. Grayton’s laid back lifestyle is type of place that makes it easy to kick back and drink a cold one. It’s a unique place that deserves its own beer.

Grayton Beer is a small beer company located on 30a. Their Pale Ale is a nice golden lager that forms a nice thick head upon pour. It's a smooth pale ale that has just the right amount of bitterness that lingers just long enough. The beer has a full well-rounded taste with just the right amount of hop.

This is a great beer to sit out of the beach and enjoy in the hot sun. I could easily imagine sitting out on Grayton beach on a nice, summer afternoon and enjoy a cold six-pack of this pale ale. It's the perfect beer to battle with the Florida heat. For more information on Grayton Beer, visit their website.

Next time your in Grayton beach, I recommend trying one of these pale ales.  Grab a six pack and head down to the beach and prepare to sit back, relax, and enjoy.   Grayton Beach Pale Ale can also be found on tap in many local bars and restaurants.

For more on Grayton Beach and 30a, click here.

  Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   3.5 out 5 

 Always remember to drink responsibly!
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