Pilar Barks!

Hello, my name is Pilar and I'm a Yorkie. I enjoy watching chick flicks, although I do not like drinking beer. It's disgusting! This is my column. Ask me anything you want. But beware, I bark the truth!

Dear Pilar,

How should I get my wife to watch the new Batman?

Steve, Iowa City, IA

Dearest Steve,

I don't know?  How did you get her to go out with you to begin with?  You must be fairly attractive because it sounds to me like you're not very smart.  Is this the biggest problem in your life?  Trying to get your wife to see the new Batman?  Everyone wants to see that movie, so if she doesn't want to see it something else must be going on.  I think she's cheating on you.  Just kidding.  But, seriously, help out around the house a little more.  Is it too much to ask for someone to take the trash once in a while?  Help out and maybe she'll offer to go.

Get a life,

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