by Joshua Simpkins

Everything is organic nowadays, from the food we eat, to even some of the clothes we wear. It’s better for us. It doesn’t contain pesticides. It’s grown naturally. We are better people for it. Well, that last sentence is still up for debate. Still, a lot of things are organic so, “Why not the beer?”

Eel River Brewing Company claims to be America’s 1st Certified Organic Brewery. Eel River Amber Ale is certified organic and has a 4.8% alcohol by volume. It is brewed in Scotia, California, which is in Northern California. The cap even says, “USDA Organic”.

Eel River Amber Ale pours nicely into the glass and develops a full, two-finger tan head. It has a nice amber shade with a rich, deep color. From there, much is to be desired. The head quickly dissipates and there is not much lacing. There is no aftertaste, but there isn’t much flavor.

Overall, the beer seems pretty light and seems thin for amber ale. I’ll have to keep looking an organic beer that tastes better. Eating organic fruit taste better, why shouldn’t organic beer taste better? I’m still on the hunt…

Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   2 out 5

Always remember to drink responsibly.
A great beer to pair with;

 Both could have been great, but just kinda sucked.
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