Robert Johnson was the famous guitarist that allegedly made a deal with the deal.  They always say to never make a deal with the devil. It might just be a trick that comes back hurt you in the end. Dogfish Head's special brew, Robert Johnson's Hellhound Ohmyale, might just play such at trick. At 10% alc this brew packs a powerful punch that actually just sneaks up behind you and catches you in a choke hold.

Right out of the bottle the ale develops a thick white head that lasts after the pour settles. It is a light golden color and has a nice aroma of citrus, lemons, and flowers. Its full flavor holds up well and this ale has excellent lacing. It's stiff without being too punchy, but like I said before, if you're not careful it can pack a huge punch. 

This beer would go great shared with a few friends on a joyous occasion. It has a excellent taste that can be enjoyed by all. For more information on Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales head over to their website. They have a huge, tasteful array of brew to choose from for any occasion. 


Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   4.5 out 5 

 Always remember to drink responsibly!
Great beer to pair with; 
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