Pilar Barks!

Hello, my name is Pilar and I'm a Yorkie. I enjoy watching chick flicks, although I do not like drinking beer. It's disgusting! This is my column. Ask me anything you want. But beware, I bark the truth! You can email Pilar and ask her questions at chickflixandbeer@gmail.com.

Dear Pilar,

Why does Chick Flicks and Beer give decent reviews to some of the crappiest, sappiest movies?

Derrick, Reston, VA

Dear Derrick,

Why are you asking me this question? I don't write the reviews. That would be a question for Joshua. But, even though you are too stupid to direct the question to the right person, I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel as if Joshua is giving too much slack to some of these sub-par movies. When I approached and questioned him, his response was that these films aren't supposed to be that good, so he rates them accordingly. If they have the slightest bit of enjoyability he gives them a favorable review. Or, if he feels like a boyfriend, manfriend, partner, or husband can sit through it, then he gives it a favorable review. Honestly, as I have said before, I hate chick flicks. They really get under my fur. He should be ripping these things to shreds like a a toilet paper roll left out on the bathroom floor. Apparently, he believes in keeping an open mind about these flicks. What a douche!


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