Far and Away (1992)

Update - 7/9/2012 - This is not an actual review for Far and Away.  This is a history of how the site started - conversationally, of course.

One rainy night I was sitting home alone in my furniture-less apartment watching the semi-classic Tom Cruise/ Nicole Kidman film “Far and Away”, directed by Ron Howard, when a friend called and asked what I was doing.

 ME:  Watching a movie and drinking a beer.
 FRIEND:  What movie are you watching?
 ME:  Far and Away.
 FRIEND:  Is that the one with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman that’s
directed by Ron Howard?
 ME:  Yeah.
 FRIEND:  Is there a chick with you?
 ME::No, why?
 FRIEND:  So, you’re telling me, you are sitting at home watching a chick flick
all by yourself and drinking a beer. That’s ridiculous.
 ME:  It’s not ridiculous and it’s not a chick flick. It’s an historical Irish epic
about the Oklahoma land rush starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
that’s directed by Ron Howard.
FRIEND:  It’s a chick flick.
ME:  It’s a swashbuckling romance.
FRIEND:  Does drinking a beer make you feel manlier while watching chick
ME:  No, I like beer. It’s refreshing.

And, then it struck me. While “Far and Away” isn’t the ultimate chick flick it does have many elements that would classify is it as such. It is a timeless love story about two people from different classes who overcome the odds to fulfill their dreams of love and happiness. Did my subconscious recognize this? Why was I drinking a beer? Did it make me feel manlier? Why was I wearing a pink rob and socks? Where the hell did I get a pink robe? Wait, this robe’s not pink, it’s forest green. Thank God! Why am I questioning my masculinity? Who cares! I like chick flicks and I like beer. The two actually go together quite harmoniously.

And, then it struck me, again. Why not create a blog in which I review and muse over chick flicks while drinking a beer. You can do it yourself…the rules are simple…the movie must be a chick flick…and you’re allowed no more than two beers. How does one determine what is or isn’t a chick flick? That’s easy. If you even have the slightest thought or question about a movie being a chick flick then I probably is.

If you need more help determining what is or isn’t a chick flick, dictionary.com defines chick flick as follows;

Main Entry:chick flick
Part of Speech:n
a movie intended for and marketed to females, with themes, characters, or events more likely to appeal to women than men; also called chick’s

You can also start with “Far and Away” starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It’s directed Ron Howard. Real Men Wear Pink!

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