Sleepless In Seattle (1993)

Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
Directed by Nora Ephron

by Joshua Simpkins

I decided my first chick flick would be one of the two films that actually got me into chick flicks. One is“Sleepless In Seattle”. The other is “When Harry Met Sally”. They are both co-written by Nora Ephron. I liked this movie when I younger and I still like it today. So, I ran out and picked up the Anniversary Edition on DVD, rushed home, threw it into the DVD player and grabbed a beer.

I don’t care who you are…man or woman…if you don’t think Tom Hanks is the shit…then you’re lying. Because, he is, most definitely, the shit (pronounced slow like, Sheee- It). Almost everything he has ever done is classic from “Big” to “Saving Private Ryan”. And, if he happens to be in a crappy movie (i.e. “The Ladykillers”) his acting is still superb. When Tom feels it, I feel it…and so do you.

Don’t get me started on Meg Ryan. I think I was in love with her at some point and she is at her best in SIS. In 1998, a friend and I were soo into Meg Ryan, that after we were stood up by our dates we went to see “You’ve Got Mail” with each other. Then, we quickly vowed never to tell another soul. I think I actually kept that secret…until now. Meg Ryan was the It girl for a while. Then she ran off and had a fling with Russell Crowe, got plastic surgery, and now she looks kinda like the Joker. Why did she have to mess with her face?!!!

Ok, so there I am, watching SIS again for the first time in years. The title clears and we see Tom and his son at a funeral. Tom’s upset…therefore I’m upset. Everyone is telling him to get help. He decides to move. Seattle. Enter Meg Ryan looking good with her fiancĂ©, Walter, played to perfection by Bill Pullman (I actually forget it’s him). They are going to her parents’ house so Walter can meet her parents for the first time. He is allergic to everything. Wait….We have a problem. Now, I know that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are going to get together at some point, they have to…but, Holy Crap, she lives in Baltimore and he lives all the way across the country….how the hell is this supposed to happen?…and, Meg Ryan doesn’t believe in signs…Oh, No! I’m sucked in. It’s a good thing this Bud Select is so dee-lish.

SIS is the one of the deepest of all the chick flicks. It's like the Charlie Kaufman version of the romantic comedy other then, like, the actual Charlie Kaufman version of the chick flick, “Eternal Sunshine and The Spotless Mind”. Why? Because it works on so many levels and basically retells the story of a movie that is within the movie (kinda like the Charlie Kaufman version of an adaptation of a novel called “Adaptation”). It retells or spins the events of “An Affair to Remember” starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr (or is it Karr? I can’t remember) within the action of “Sleepless In Seattle”. How deep is that?

I’ve already rambled on too long about “Sleepless In Seattle” because we all know it’s a good movie.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND:  10 out of 10 (Eh, why not?)
Beer Pairing Recommendation
Bud Select.  Why?  Because I said so!
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  1. Bud select, eh? You may want to drink a more manly beer while watching "chick flicks."

  2. Diana...what would consider more manly? Perhaps I should drink whiskey :)