Made of Honor (2008)

Directed by Paul Weiland
Starring Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan with Sydney Pollack, Kevin McKidd, Kathleen Quinlan, and Busy Phillips

So, here we have Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey. They call him "McDreamy" because he is apparently pretty "dreamy" and when you put the "mc" in front of things it makes it more than whatever it is. I guess "dreamy" didn't do it enough justice so the powers that be made him "McDreamy" and then America fell in love. Or, it might have something to do with Grey's Anatomy, a show I haven't seen.

In this film, "McDreamy" plays Tom, a womanizing playboy who invented the coffee sleeve or some tiny invention that has made him rich. Michelle Monaghan plays Hannah, his best friend in the whole world. They have been best friends for 10 years since he "accidentally" invaded Hannah's bed in search of her roommate. Hannah goes of to Scotland for work, and Tom discovers that he has true feelings for her. Tom plans to tell her but, as soon as she arrives back to New York, he is immediately introduced her new fiance Colin, a Scottish Duke. Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor, he plans to win her back and, as in most chick flicks, hi-jinks ensue.

I've always been a fan of Patrick Dempsey (even before he became "McDreamy") in movies like Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. He brings a lot to the character of Tom and plays him well. Michelle Monaghan is also good as Hannah. These two actors have good chemistry and it is believable that they could be longtime best friends. While this wasn't a bad film, I feel like this could have been a much better film if it just took itself just a little more seriously. There were strange comic moments that were interjected within the storyline and seemed out of place. As if the producers were like, this isn't funny enough, let's put some glow-in-the-dark "sex" beads around the Grandma's neck. The fact that Grandma was slighty interested in the beads in the first place was funny. They didn't need to have an ackward out of place shot with her wearing them a week later at the wedding. It was these moments that really detracted from the movie.

The premise of him being the Maid of Honor was a little wacky and it seems that us men get it easy when it comes to weddings. After all, we only have to plan bachelor parties and ask the groom multiple times if he is "sure" that he "wants to go through with this". All you girls have to plan showers and provide "support" etc. Why do they call them showers anyways? I've never really understood that. Is it really that hard to be a bridesmaid? It always seems like it is really dramatic and I hear about bridesmaids getting fired and there being falling outs with the bride and stuff like that? Does that really happen? Why are weddings so crazy?

This film play a that even though it is obviously a chick has a male lead and is really about the male character. So...boom.

For Made of Honor I drank an IBC Diet Root Beer. This root beer is delicious and should be consumed icey cold directly from the bottle. If you like root beer and you want to try a diet root beer I suggest this one. It doesn't get much better than this.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 6 out of 10 (1 means he'll hate it, 10 means he'll like it)

Watch if you liked....Grey's Anatomy or wedding movies.

Chick Flick: 3 cartons of ice cream (out of 5)
DVD: 1 pieces of milky chocolate (out of 5)
Beer: 5 manly high fives (out of 5)

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