The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

Directed by Robert Schwentke
Starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana with Ron Livingston and Arliss Howard

Wow. I really, really didn't want to pop this one into the DVD player. I mean the trailer even looked boring to me. This looked so boring and I really couldn't imagine Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams as a realistic couple. What does time travel and wives really have to do with each other? That sounds ridiculous. I mean, "The Time Traveler's Wife"...doesn't that sound like a horrible science fiction story? I thought it did.

Well, after about 5 minutes in I was hooked. I love stories about time travel. I love "Back To The Future"...all 3 of them. I love the original "The Time Machine"...what else involves time travel...I drawing a blank. Anyways, I've always found it interesting. I even think about it about once a week. The logistics involved....maybe that's why I liked the movie...because of the time time travel...or maybe its because I've been watching too many chick flicks and I'm turning into a sappy, pukey turd. It's one or the other.

While not the very beginning of the story their romance begins in a library in Chicago. Clare, played by Rachel McAdams, meets Henry and immediately informs him she has known him her whole life. He has no idea who she is and how she would know about his time travelling abilities. She says that the lasted time he visited her in her parents' meadow she was 18. He agrees to meet her for dinner and she explains to him that he has been visiting her for years, although, he is much older and she has never seen him so young....the love affair begins.

I'll go back to the time travel. Although, Henry can travel through time, he can't really determine when he will do it, where he will end up, or change anything to alter history. He just shows up naked and runs around until he transports back. It's more of a disease than an actually ability. I feel like they covered a lot of plot holes. Then again, I could be wrong...there could be infinite plot holes but I'd need to see it again to timeline some of the stuff.

This has tearjerker moments and I had to fight it back a few times. So enjoy. Your boyfriend, or hubby, will probably hate it unless he likes time travel like I do.

I had a rather delicious beer by Harpoon called White: UFO. It was very good...also very Euro.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 4 out of 10 (1 mean he'll hate it, 10 means he'll love it)

Watched if you liked...The Notebook, Rachel McAdams, or time travel

Chick Flick: 4 cartons of ice cream (out of 5)- maybe a 5?
DVD: 0 pieces of milky chocolate (out of 5)- no extras
Beer: 4 manly high fives (out of 5)

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