Pilar Barks!

Hello, my name is Pilar and I'm a Yorkie. I enjoy watching chick flicks, although I do not like drinking beer. It's disgusting! This is my column. Ask me anything you want. But beware, I bark the truth! You can email Pilar and ask her questions at chickflixandbeer@gmail.com.

Dear Pilar,

If I watch chick flicks should my wife watch action flicks with me?

Stephen, Aspen, CO

Dear Stephen,

It depends on what you mean by "action" flick. If you mean a killer movie starring Bruce Willis running around yelling "yippeekayay" then why wouldn't she want to watch it? Who wouldn't? That's what has me questioning your definition of "action" flicks? I think your real question is, "Should I get laid after watching a chick flick?" Is watching a chick flick and getting in touch with your sensitive side really that difficult? So much so, that you feel like you should get laid? It's not like your were out digging ditches all day to save her and your children's life. My answer is No!


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