by Joshua Simpkins

Headed to a concert this summer? Thinking about what you are going to load in your cooler? Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Grill & Brew is a great beer to throw into the mix. It’s flavors and aroma make it the perfect beer to kick back in some relaxing, lounge chairs with some friends and share some good times, mellow vibes with some good tunes.

Poured right out of the can the color is a beautiful golden hue with a wonderful 2” head and decent lacing. The aromas and flavors that follow are bread, piney hops, with some slight hints of orange and grapefruit. For an IPA it isn’t too overpowering and this would be a great one to toss to a friend who isn’t sure about IPA’s just yet. Then again, who isn't sure about IPA's theses days?

Dale’s Pale Ale is a great beer that I would describe as middle of the road. But, that isn’t a bad thing. It is smooth and comfortable. Perfect for the tailgating or camping. You could easily have a few of these and still feel pretty good. Comfort is a good thing.

Profile: This is a classic pale ale that has an excellent balance of malt and hints of citrus.

Food Pairing:  This would go great with anything classic, such as a burger and hot dog or fires.

Cheese Pairing: Cheddar

Drinking Utensil:  Pint Glass or straight from the can.

You can learn more about Oskar Blues here.

When pairing it with a chick flick you would probably want something that is pretty decent. It’s flavors call for something the guy might like as much as the girl. This is after all a beer for both sexes. I would go for a comfortable lead actor like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Grant, or Matthew McConnaughey. Look for an actress along the lines of Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, or Katherine Heigl. Wait, stop! The beer is not better enough for Katherine Heigl, so scratch that!

This is a beer that you could really have fun with.  So with all that taken into consideration how about The Sweetest Thing (2002).

                              Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   3 out 5 

 Always remember to drink responsibly!
Great beer to pair with; 

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