CHICK FLICKS and BEER celebrated five years of being online.  And, by my own admission, I missed it.  Well, actually I remembered a while back, was planning to do something big, like throw a huge party, or shoot an hilarious video, or write a brand new still-in-theaters review, or just mention it to someone in conversation, and then I forgot about it.  So, I didn't actually do anything.  Mamma Mia, life is complicated!
So, instead I leave you with a few of our highlights over the past 5 years.  This is for anyone who ever read, commented, wrote, shared or enjoyed this blog.  You guys are sweet! I try to keep it going for you.  You had me at hello.  Stop.  You had me at hello.

Anywho, let's hope into the time machine and travel back May 5th, 2008 when I wrote about a movie released in 1992.

You can read about how it all started.  With the classic man-film Far and Away (1992), starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.  It was also directed by Ron Howard. (click poster to read)


And, then revisit one of my favorite chick flicks, The Notebook (2004).  Since, Cinco De Mayo was yesterday you could have some nachos while you watch. (click poster to read)


Then, The Sex and The City: The Movie (2008) came out and I refused to watch it.  When I finally did I could only make it about 20 minutes.  (click poster to read)


Once, we had a an excellent roundtable discussion.  With guys and girls chiming in on why... He's Just Not That Into You (2009).  And, boy was it fun.  And in three parts. (Click poster to read PART 1)


We also had some excellent guest bloggers along the way.  (Click posters below to read more)




Pilar, the yorkie even showed up and barked her way into her own column.  It is appropriately named, PILAR BARKS!!! (click photo to read more)


I also covered a few beers.  Some good, some bad.  But, maybe the dumbest beer I ever covered was the Miller Lite Punch Top Can.  Hey, I gotta an idea.  I'm make a video of me shotgunning a beer (something I'm horrible at) and put it on youtube. But, hey at least it got it's own reviews.  
Buffmonkey33 said, "Your such a b**ch! Learn how to shotgun a beer like a man."
bretadoruben1 claimed, "Biggest p**sy on youtube!"

It's been a great five years.  I've made some wonderful new internet friends! Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks to everyone for giving comments, sharing, and enjoying a chick flick and a beer.

I love you all!  Let's do it for another 5 years!!!!

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