The Wedding Date (2005)

Starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney
Directed by Clare Kilner


First I must say that I’m not the “chick flick” fan at all. I don’t ever remember faking to like these movies in an attempt to make myself seem sensitive or romantic. All I know about chick flicks is the effect they have on my wife;

• Usually, she has the courtesy to watch them in the bedroom so the main television is not taken up.
• These movies seem to make her crave lots of chocolate.
• Of course, she always cries at the endings.
• Then we have a 45 minute argument about how I’m not romantic….
• To which I get suckered into rubbing her feet or massaging her shoulders in an attempt to make myself seem somewhat useful.

So I sat down to watch this movie and to be honest I dreaded it. I opened up a Miller Light and pressed play. My wife was at work and my son went to go see a movie with grandma, so the conditions were perfect for this review. This is the first time I have ever watched a chick flick from start to finish all by myself.

The plot of the movie stems around a lonely Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) who has just received a wedding invitation from her sister in London. Kat has apparently learned that her ex-boyfriend, whom she still loves, is going to be the best man at this wedding. Kat decides to hire a male escort, to well, escort her to the wedding so she will appear to have moved on with her life, make the ex-boyfriend jealous, and then force him into happily ever after-ness.

The monkey wrench in this whole scheme is the dashing Dermot Mulroney (Nick) who is the hired escort. He seems to know what to say, how to dance. He is your typical man’s man and all they crud that a normal dude isn’t. I must also mention in here that this Film was directed by Clare Kilner, a woman… who apparently has mastered the art of the rump shot. There are a good three to four minutes of bare man ass in this film so be prepared.

So anyway, as you may have predicted, (unless you are ______*) and I’m not even going to throw in a spoiler alert here because, seriously, if you haven’t figured out that Kat and Nick end up falling in love at the end, then you probably don’t have the attention span to read this review, or even watch the full movie. Let alone pick up on my overuse of the comma in that last sentence.

I do have to give props for the speed that this movie carries the plot. It literally jumps right into it. It is also a good first chick flick for the beginner like me. It hardly borders on romance or comedy. In fact, I don’t think I laughed once.

There are also two hot scenes worth mentioning. The first is a scene in which Nick is proving to Kat that he is a professional escort and knows how to tune into what people want him to be. He forces Kat up against a cab and makes her close her eyes. Then he tells Kat what she wants to hear about letting go, and moving on, while at the same time nearly kissing her. There is just something hot about a woman tossed up against a car.

The other hot scene is when Kat is drunk after the bachelorette party and goes to the ATM to withdraw some money. When she is getting out of the limo you can barley catch a glimpse of Debra Messing’s panties as she stumbles out of the limo. Just those subtle panty moments made it worth it. If you are paying attention I did say moments, which implies more than one panty moment, but you’ll have to rent it yourself to find the other.

All in all this was a good _____ _____* of a chick flick. The fast plot, harshly undeveloped characters, and double panty shots, makes this a good chick flick that a guy could actually get through without falling asleep.

Chick Flick- 4 bon-bon’s (out of 5)
Dvd- 2 panty scenes (out of 5)
Beer- 5 burps (out of 5)

Editor's Note:
*represents omissions or changes made by the editor in an attempt to not offend readers. Please enter your own appropriate descriptors.

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