Enough Said (2013)

Directed by Nicole Holofcener
Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Collette, and Ben Falcone

by Joshua Simpkins
This is a pretty good flick to watch. Enough said!

That was my review. See ya later!

What? You’re still here? What do you want from me? A synopsis?

Ok! Ok! Relax! I’ll give you a synopsis!

So, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (JLD) plays a divorcee masseuse named Eva who meets Albert, a nice guy played by James Gandolfini (in one of his final roles). At the same party she befriends, Marissa (Catherine Keener), a successful poet whom she takes on as a client. She is also friends with Toni Collette (did I mention that). Well, Eva and Albert hit it off, and she really starts to like him, even though he’s fat, and then she finds out that Marissa is actually his ex-wife, and she uses the relationship to get info on Albert, which begins to sour her feelings for him. Until [spoiler] he finds out…and…Enough said!

For a chick flick, this is a pretty well made little film with some great acting and funny parts.  And, don't get it twisted.  This is indeed a chick flick.  JLD dresses down to believably play Eva with just the right amount of insecurity and spunk. James Gandolfini plays against type as Mr. Simple Nice Guy and he pulls it off quite well. And, Catherine Keener is really spot-on as the organized, new age (?) poet. Even Toni Collette and Ben Falcone, are great as the comic relief couple. All in all a great film. Enough Said.

This a movie made by adults for adults even though the characters don’t always act like adults in the movie. Let me rephrase, this is a movie made by LA adults for LA adults, acting like LA adults. Not that I have a problem with LA, I hear the weather is nice. One more time, maybe not as harsh, this is a movie made by LA adults for women that don’t always act like adults. I should just stop typing now before I..well..Enough said.

At least, I think I’m funny. Enough said.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND:  7 out of 10 (He'll think its aight)

Beer Recommendation
This chick flick will go down smooth with a  smoothy, smooth
Kelso Pilsner.  While it has nothing to do with LA or even children
going to Sarah Lawrence it has everything to do with deliciousness 
and being smoothy, smooth smooth.

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