Leap Year (2010)

Directed by Anand Tucker
Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode with Adam Scott

So, this is the first posting since the summer...and I have been ignoring emails, dropping phones calls, unplugging internet cables, and burning chick flick DVDS. All the complaints about me not updating this site was just too much. So, I'm back...and just in time for...duh duh duh...LEAP YEAR.

What a fabulously cliche movie. It really had all the right elements for a classic chick flick. Type-A city girl meets Type- B Country Boy. She's American, he's Irish (or at least he has a horribly fake Irish Accent). And, in the end...they fall in love?

I'm not sure if they fall in love. I zoned out for reasons I won't go into here. I actually watched this a few weeks ago and forgot the beer I had with the movie. Did I even have a beer with the movie? What is beer? What are movies? What is life? Why do we even exist? Oh, the humanity...

I actually like Amy Adams. I was a huge fan of Enchanted...should I even admit that? I don't know who Matthew Goode is...is he Irish? I'm really too lazy to do my research on this. I think the beer I had was Japanese, or maybe a micro brew. I have had the Sams Adams Octoberfest recently. That is very good. Very, very good. But, I'm sure most of you loyal readers out there have pick up a 6-pack at your local grocery chain.

I use loyal very loosely...and in case you didn't notice...I was being sarcastic earlier in this thread. I didn't get one complaint about being lazy and not updating the site. Maybe nobody really cares about chick flicks. Maybe my writing sucks. No one ever comments or even complains so how am I supposed to know. Should I even continue this pointless study on female driven movies? What do you think?

Here's the trailer below...

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 1 out of 10 (1 mean he'll hate it, 10 means he'll love it) - Don't force yourself either.

Watch if you liked...really cliche chick flicks

Chick Flick: 2 cartons of ice cream (out of 5)- Hugh Jackmanw as Ok.
DVD: 1 pieces of milky chocolate (out of 5)
Beer: 0 manly high fives (out of 5)- because I forgot what it was...


  1. I have your blog in my Google Reader and was excited to see the update! Don't stop blogging!

  2. Joshua -

    First and foremost, let me say that you're writing often inspires me and disappoints me, all at the same time. As a new dad, I have a life full of pink, baby toys, little skirts, and poop. Mainly poop...but the other things are there, as well. I will have to watch multiple 'chick flicks' throughout my life, but I will maintain my manhood by drinking various beers from various parts of this wonderful place we like to call earth. I loved your postings when you first started the site. I would run from my car to my house so I could turn on the computer and go straight to your site (a little dramatization here, but you get the picture...just close your eyes). Now, I go on to your site and you write a 2 paragraph review? "F*ck Off!" - In my best English accent. You're better than that! I mean, come on! If you need help, just ask, but if you're going to do anything...do it 100% or don't do it at all! Sorry, I just wanted to try my new Dad phrases. From one reject to another....You use to be the man....find your happy place and become the man AGAIN!

    H's & H's - Wilfredo Ruiz III