Nora Ephron Passes Away at Age 71

Nora Ephron passes away Tuesday at the age of 71 from leukemia.

If her name doesn't ring a should.  Especially if you like Chick Flicks.  She is responsible for many of your favorite chick flicks including, When Harry met Sally (1989), Sleepless In Seattle (1993), You've Got Mail(1998), and most recently, Julie and Julia  (2009).

                                        Check out my review of "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993) 

We'll have some more on Nora Ephron soon!  She will be missed.  RIP!

This made me notice I do not have a review up on Julie and Julia(2009), You've Got Mail(1998), or When Harry Met Sally (1989).  Weird!

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