by Joshua Simpkins

McGuire’s is a restaurant brewery that was founded in 1977 in Pensacola, FL and later opened another location in nearby, Destin, FL. They are famous for “kissing the moose” and an absurb amount of cheeseburger selections. One of their most popular beers is the Irish Red, it is plenty available at both locations, as well as, certain Publix locations in Florida.

McGuire’s Irish Red develops a nice tan head that lingers against the side of the pint glass.  The beer has a rich, amber color that’s not too thick with a clean look.  It has a nice aromatic, malty taste that lasts the perfect amount of time on the tongue.  There is no bitter after-taste and overall, it isn’t too filling..  It actually tastes like it was just pulled from the keg.

 McGuire's Irish Red is the type of brew that would go perfectly with any home-cooked, hearty meal.  It would be paired  excellently with any type of meat.  This would make sense, due to the fact, that it is Irish ale.  I would suggest trying it with a bit of Shepard’s pie, or a nice thick, juicy steak. 

It also could be perfectly paired with many different chick flicks.  The first of which comes to mind is Leap Year (2010).  But, I would also pair it with something like The Ugly Truth (2009), or even more appropriately, Far and Away (1992).  

McGuire's Irish Red has won the gold medal at the Florida Beer Championships and the silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival.  For more information on McGuire's brews and grub visit them at their website at

Chick Flicks and Beer Rating:   3.3 out 5

Always Remember to Drink Responsibly.!

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  1. If you drink too many of these, you might end up kissing the moose or something that resembles a moose! "Kiss the moose, kiss the moose, kiss the moose..."

  2. I've been there in that restaurant. Their drinks was awesome.