The Vow (2012)

by Joshua Simpkins 

Directed by Michael Sucsy
Starring Channing Tatum, and Rachel McAdams, with Sam Neill, Jessica Lange, and Scott Speedman

Have you ever made a vow? Have you ever loved something so much that you always promised to protect it? I’m talking something strong like a blood oath involving multiple people, and multiple species. Then, when the fairy princess you vowed always to love and protect is kidnapped and taken hostage in the darkness of night, you have set off on a quest to rescue her and bring her back, you and your loyal band of mythical creatures. Everyone quickly and eagerly agrees and together you all form the band of “The Vow”, upheld by your ancient blood oath. Of course, this movie The Vow (2012) has nothing to do with any of that whatsoever. It’s a completely different sort of vow.

Channing Tatum plays Leo, a nice, humble recording studio owner, who is married to the love of his life, Paige (Rachel McAdams). On the way home, after a night out, their car is rear-ended and Paige is sent flying through the windshield. When she wakes up, she doesn’t recognize Leo. In fact, she thinks she is her doctor, and the last thing she remembers is her life before Leo existed. Her estranged family returns to take care of her, and Leo has to fight for her just to come home with him. Upon returning home, life is even harder for Leo and Paige, who doesn’t understand why she is an artist and not a lawyer, and remember when she exactly broke up with her ex-fianc√©, Jeremy (Scott Speedman). Leo puts all his effort and energy into helping her remember because he made a vow that he refuses to break. To Paige, Leo is nothing but a stranger.

Leo believes that life is made up of a series of moments: how they met, how they fall in love and how they get married. We learn about Leo and Paige’s life together through a series of flashbacks. They both have a strong love for one another, that is, until the accident, when Paige no longer remember their “moments” together and, therefore, no longer loves Leo. Leo then decides, to create new moments, and make her fall in love with him all over again. That’s when the band of mythical creatures is formed. Again, I kid.

I wasn’t sure about Channing Tatum in this role but he did an excellent job. By the end of the film, he was very believable as Leo.  His acting is genuine, sensitive, and honest. Rachel McAdams is great as always, and she seems real as Paige, although I think Tatum steals the show. There are also good performances from Sam Neill and Jessica Lange as her conservative and forceful parents. Scott Speedman plays a likeable douchebag to perfection.

The Vow was a better film that I expected. Honestly, I didn’t want to watch it at all. I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for my dedication to chick flicks. But, in the end, it surprised me. In fact, the ending isn’t exactly what you might expect and I liked that. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Paige doesn’t trip, hit her head on a rock, remember everything, and run off with Leo again. The ending had a little more depth.Their are a lot of similarities to The Notebook (2004), but The Vow still stands on its own.

FORCE THE BOYFRIEND: 6.5 out of 10 (The film is mostly a male lead, good acting, direction, and cinematography)

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