Shall We Dance (2004)

Starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Lopez, with Stanley Tucci and Lisa Ann Walter
Directed by Peter Chelsom

by Joshua Simpkins

Would you like to dance? Shall we? Who out there wouldn’t want to dance with Richard Gere? There are a few gerbils I know that wouldn’t mind. Hey now! That was just a rumor. There’s no way it was true! Just ask Cindy Crawford! Ok, ok. I’m sorry! How about Jennifer Lopez? Anyone out there want to hit the dance floor with J-Lo? Go ahead…she’s out there already backing dat thang up. Oh, really? Are you really objectifying women, now? Is that what its come to? Get real! Don’t be such a douchebag! Ok, ok. I’m sorry! But, doesn’t J-Lo objectify her own booty? She’s practically built her entire career off of it.

Shall We Dance tells the story of John Clark, played by Richard Gere. He is your mild-mannered corporate employee who is beginning to feel like something is missing from his life. He has white hair and a teenaged daughter. His wife is Susan Sarandon. He should be happy. And yet, he feels like life still has something more to offer. That something comes in the form of J-Lo. He sees her several times, staring longingly from the window of a dance studio, while traveling home from work. Her sadness intrigues him and he wanders up one night to meet her…and…well…he reluctantly signs up for ballroom dance lessons.

This movie is definitely a chick flick. But, it is a little different in that the man character is a male. By no means does any guy have any interest in watching this unless he is into ballroom dancing (that doesn’t make him gay, see Stanley Tucci). The main idea in this movie is the American male finding fulfillment in middle age. So, there are probably many men out there that can relate. They wouldn’t mind looking at J-Lo either. Whatever floats boats. By the way, Stanley Tucci is hilarious in this!

So the big question is, “Shall we dance?”  This movie wasn’t that bad?  Your feet won’t hurt too bad after dancing along with this one.  I mean, the dance floor isn’t too crowded.  There aren’t too many gerbils or booties out there.  Give it a rest!  Ok, ok.  I’m sorry!  It is a well-made movie as far as chick flicks go and it does leave the viewer feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  No gerbil pun intended.  Check it out!

 FORCE THE BOYFRIEND:  6 out of 10 (Male lead)

Beer Pairing Recommendation 

 (What beer says ballroom classy more than
a Stella Artois?)

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