Pilar is a yorkie with a lot to say about chick flicks.  She now has her own column, Pilar Barks!  I thought I would sit down with her, and ask her a few questions, so everyone could get to know her  a little better. 

JOSHUA:  What is it you like about chick flicks?

PILAR:  What is it I don't like about chick flicks?  Why do you like that shirt your wearing?

JOSHUA:  What's wrong with this shirt?

PILAR:  Nothing:  It's just hideous, that's all.  But, whatever floats your boat.

JOSHUA:  What about your shirt?

PILAR:  I'm not wearing a shirt.  I'm a dog.  The only shirts I ever wear my Mom puts on me and those are fab.

JOSHUA:  Back to chick flicks...What is your favorite chick flick?

PILAR:  What is your favorite chick flick?

JOSHUA:  That's a tough question.

PILAR:  And, you think I want to answer it?

JOSHUA:  Alright, I can tell your going to be difficult.  I guess this interview is over.

PILAR:  Good.  Take me on a walk!

To learn more about Pilar, follow her weekly column, Pilar Barks!

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  1. Pilar, don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem.